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Monday, 22 February 2010

A Visitor In My Garden!

Look who I found recently! Baby Hedgehog! He was actually on the grass verge at the front of my house being dive bombed by three cranky Mynah birds. So I went out to investigate (the noise from the Mynahs was incredible, I thought someone was being murdered!). There was a baby hedgehog being attacked by these horrible birds, so I wrapped him in some old newspapers & carried him round the back into my garden, away from the birds. He was very tiny, not much bigger than my hand & I have very tiny hands! I took him some scraps of cats meat the Purrito's hadn't eaten & he scoffed those down in record time! Meanwhile the stupid Mynah birds were still sitting on the front fence looking for the hedgehog! They stayed there for half an hour & had no idea baby hedgie was around the back happily scampering around my garden finding bugs & having a great time!
The two Purrito's were watching very intently from a window, they were quite fascinated by baby hedgehog! He eventually disappeared into the bush somewhere - safely hidden from any cranky Mynah birds!
Thanks for visiting, I will be uploading some new stuff soon so make sure you come back for another peek at what I've been up to! Have a great day, {{HUGS}} from me to you:-)


twinkletoe said...

Aww too sweet!

Lorraine said...

That is just too cute. My son and his ex-girlfriend were talking about getting a miniature pig last year around this time. I tried to talk them into a hedgehog instead. They didn't get either which is good because they broke up and I probably would have wound up with the animal!