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Monday, 8 June 2009

Yippee, I'm Back!

Ok, so I am back! This isn't a stamping project, but hey, it's my blog so I can do what I like, right?!!
I made this using an old tea cup & saucer, some wire & a couple of toothbrushes - mine!
I filled the cup with Plaster of Paris & made a couple of wire 'spirals', making sure they fit my toothbrushes! I pushed them into the POP then hot glued the cup to the saucer. Once the POP had set, I hot glued a large white silk flower to the top of the cup. I cut two slits on either side so it fit over the wire spirals. I then hot glued some beads to the center of the flower & it was done! This was a FUN project & I know I will be making more! I have made similar things before but made the wire bits to hold three photo's. Easy Peasy!
I had the "creative urge" but didn't feel like stamping.
I now know why I have been feeling so utterly exhausted - very low Thyroid levels, so once that is taken care of I HOPE to be back MORE OFTEN on here! Please don't give up on me! Have a great day/evening! See you again soon!


twinkletoe said...

That is just adorable - I'm proud of you. XX

Lorraine said...

How clever!