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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Titirangi Glow Festival December 3rd 2016

Every year at this time, Titirangi Village has "Glow Festival" where they light up the entire Village with 7 kilometers of pretty Christmas Lights.  There is lot's of stalls selling all kinds of things, as well as various entertainment for the kids. They have a big stage where well known NZ singers entertain the crowds. And of course, Santa is there too! These are some of my photo's from this years festival...

These lovely ladies asked if I would take their photo in front of their truck.  I happily obliged, and then a gentleman joined them in the photos! They were Traffic Control, directing the traffic so there were no accidents.  I have no idea of their names, but they know they are appearing on my blog and will be waiting to see these photo's of themselves! Hope you enjoy your photo's!

The photo above is of the lovely Jackie Clarke, one of NZ's most well known singers!  She is just so much fun! 
Above is "Harold The Giraffe"!  I have 'met' him several times at the Festival!  He is very tall!
Another photo of the lovely Traffic Control girls, who did an excellent job of keeping the traffic flowing and making sure everyone was safe on the road.  It was a busy night and there were lots of people crossing from one side of the road to the other.  These girls kept us all safe:-)  Thanks girls!
OMG!  I love those cute lacy pants this lady has on! I want some! She was one of the singers with Jackie Clarke .
Here's the group of singers all ready to entertain us! 
"Harold!"  Where did you get those eyelashes?!  Us girls would die for lashes like that!
This is the huge blackboard for everyone to sign...and yes, I forgot to to sign it again! I see "Harold" signed it!
These guys are a few of the local Titirangi Volunteer Fire Brigade.  I tried to get them to all look at the camera but it wasn't happening! Can you believe it, these guys are volunteer so they don't even get paid for putting out fires and attending accidents etc?  Not good!
OMG!  I fell in love with the music from this group!  They were playing a musical instrument called a Marimba.  Their music was from Zimbabwe from a tribe called The SHONA Tribe!!  I kid you not!  MY tribe!  I spoke to one of the members and told her that was MY name!  I came home and got on youtube and found their music videos.  It was sooooooooooooo good!  I'm going to get one of their cds because I absolutely love their music.  The Marimba has pipes underneath and the wider the pipes, the deeper the sound.  They had about 7 different Marimbas and all the members were able to play each one.  They all swapped around so they ended up playing all the instruments.  It was SO good!
This little cutie was the youngest 'dancer' in the crowd, and was having a fun time dancing to the music!
And there is he is...Santa!  
 A pretty face in the crowd!  Love the colours!

Above and below are two of the Mahari Marimba group.  The music was unique and had a fast beat, and you couldn't help but dance to it!  You just couldn't keep still!  How I managed to take photo's that are in focus I have no idea!
In the photo below you can partially see the pipes underneath the instrument. 

Below is two girls, Mikayla and Bridget from Rhythm and Steps dance Academy.  They looked very Christmassy in their red outfits! 
Looks like they are having fun! 

And last but not least is this cute girl in her beautiful head piece.  Such pretty colours!
Ok, that's all for today.  I hope you enjoyed your visit today!  {HUGS} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

Great pics, enjoyed my visit to the Glow festival!