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Sunday, 23 June 2013

A Load of Rubbish

 This is what someones dog did to my two rubbish bags early one morning at around 2 am.  I heard my cats rattling my blinds and got up but did not look out the window.  If I had I may have been able to see the dog.  I just presumed the cats had spotted another cat outside.  Silly me!  Next time I will take notice of what my cats are telling me! 
And here is the large print left in a muddy patch on my front path.  I was not happy at having to clean up all the rubbish and buy new rubbish bags to replace the two that had been ripped open.  By the size of the print it was a reasonably big dog.  I have my suspicions as to where the dog comes from.  Dogs are not allowed to roam free at night, but obviously some owners think they are above the law.
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twinkletoe said...

Some people just have no sense!