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Saturday, 22 December 2012

I've Been Busy!

Ok so here are all my latest creations!  From the top there is my first card I made using he SU Elegant Bird die.  I just love this card, it came out so nice.  The recipient of the card loved it too!
Next are some holders I made to put some candy canes in.  Easy & quick & used up small bits of card I had.
The next three photos are of some lollipops I decorated & put into a small basket.  I bought a bunch of the baskets at the local Op Shop.  These too were quick fun & easy to make...when I wasn't EATING them!!
Next photo shows one of the paper bows I made using the SU oval punches.  Really easy & quick, and fun of course to make!  I ended up making several of them for later use.
The birds on fishing line are hanging down the side of my pantry.  If there is a slight breeze coming in the door they move from side to side!
The small jar has ginger bread men/ladies (take your pick!) inside attached to a piece of string with a small peg at either end.  Either use them to hold cards or decorate your Xmas tree, or keep them as they are!  Mine are sitting in the jar, up on a shelf.  The ginger bread person was stamped & cut out using a SU stamp & matching die.  So cute & SO much fun!
The next photo is of a wire basket which I picked up at an Op Shop for only ten cents!  Woohoo I got a bargain that day!  It's quite a big basket & seeing as I had some 'left over' Xmas baubles I put them in the basket.
The Xmas stocking belings to "Bella-Rosa" and "Romeo-Valentino", my two gorjuss cats!  The mice on top were two I bought at a craft market.  They just fit nicely in the top of the stocking!  It's hanging on my pantry door.
The cabinet is the one I bought awhile ago also from the local Op Shop.  I re-painted it (finally!) and then hung it on the wall.  It has some of my crystals in it & a tiny shoe I decorated.  (Second shelf down)
The tiny box decorated with the owl (SU) is the box that Lorraine sent me a beautiful winged pig in!  I saved the box knowing ONE day it would get decorated!  So thank you Lorraine, & please visit her blog at  You will not be disappointed!  The little pig is on the top shelf.
Ok, onto the photo's of ME dressed as a Christmas Angel!!  Why am I dressed as a Christmas Angel??  Well I went to a bbq yesterday & the theme was red & white.  So I decided to go as a Christmas Angel!
The wedding dress I have on is one I bought from the local theater for $1.  (I have four $1 dresses from them!)  So I took the hem and train up and stuck red flowers & stars on the dress.  The red cape I already had in my 'dress up' wardrobe - not sure why I bought it and this was the first time I had worn it.  I punched out some white snowflakes & attached them with white brads.  (Easy to remove) I sewed on the tinsel around the bottom & added some glittery stars to the back of the cape. Oh yes, it also had bells on the bottom of the cape.  The wings I bought from the $2 Shop & I sprinkled glitter on them then sprayed them with hairspray to make the glitter stick to the wings. I also bought the halo & the cross from the $2 Shop.  I had red & white beads/bracelts around my wrist & had silver ballet slippers on with red pom poms I glued on!  I also made the wand I am holding.
The last photo is if the box of chocolate biscuits I WON for having the best costume!!  I was the "Supreme Winner" for the second year in a row!  The bbq was a lost of fun in spite of the heat & humidity.  I made sure I stayed in the shade all day. 
So there's what I have been up to lately!!
Thank you visiting, {{HUGS}} from me to YOU:-)

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twinkletoe said...

I love your outfit - you deserved to win supreme!