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Friday, 4 March 2011

This Little Piggy Went To Market...

...And THIS cute little piggy flew (yes, he has wings!) all the way from Lorraines place in USA to land in my letter box in New Zealand!!
Is he cute or what?! Thank you Lorraine! The M&M'S were also included in the little package..yumm!
The pigs wings are tinged with pink & he is just the cutest pig ever! "The Sky IS The Limit" true!
The other photo in here is of "Romeo-Valentino sitting on a blanket which is covering (or supposed to be!) my art desk. Does he look comfortable or what?! He has wedged himself in between my Cuttlebug & a box of card! He LOVES my desk & is always on it checking out what he can "steal", or "borrow", as he calls it! When I go to bed at night I usually cover the desks because of his habit of "stealing" things in the night! If I don't cover the desks I find "things" on the floor in the morning & I KNOW that I haven't done it!
Thanks for visiting, hugs from me to you:-)


Lorraine said...

I am so glad your little piggie arrived in one piece and you are enjoying it. It's been awhile since we've had a cat, but I remember the exploring they used to do. Good thinking to put the blanket over your desk. He looks quite at home there!

misstwinkletoe said...

You lucky girl!! Love the little piggy and I've never seen coconut M&M's before. Might have to look for them tomorrow!!

misstwinkletoe said...

Well I looked and have not yet found them so you enjoy yours!!