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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Four Floors Up And Slashed to Pieces...

Well, that's what I FELT like! Let me explain...
I have just had emergency surgery to remove my gall bladder & I was up on the fourth floor & now have four "wounds" from my surgery! It was a TOTAL surprise having the the surgery, I had been on the waiting list twice & bumped off twice..well I don't NEED the waiting list NOW!
I am still a bit tender - people who have fibro feel pain alot more & we feel it for longer than everyone else, so I am ALLOWED to feel a bit grumpy!
I am thankful to the surgeon for putting me on the stand by list & getting my surgery done - no more gb attacks now!
However, I digress, (which for me, is easy..) I have not posted anything for awhile but I AM 'dabbling' with my arty farty stuff & there WILL be a new post here soon I hope! I've kind of lost my mojo (anyone finding it please send it to me asap!) and have been a little depressed lately. This was my FIFTH trip to hospital within a few months & I have had ENOUGH thank you!
So thank you for visiting & I WILL be back soon,
{{HUGS}} from me to you and have a great week:-)

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